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SitSmart® Relief, and Posture+

BackJoy® Sleep Pillow

BackJoy® Comfort Soles

Our mission is to change  the way the world sits,  stands, and sleeps

We are a groundbreaking company in posture improvement and back wellness.  We deliver on our promise – one healthy back at a time – by creating and distributing innovative solutions to relieve and prevent back pain.  We believe there is simply a better, healthier way to sit, stand and sleep and we strive to bring positive, life-changing results in these areas so our customers can get back to the joy of living.



Applied Postural Science™

A combination of multiple patented forces and designs that reduce pain and discomfort from normal sitting, standing, and sleeping. Our research and development’s single minded focus is to harness the power of proper posture and integrate supportive mechanisms into our products to give you the same posture.



BackJoy’s Science

BackJoy’s patented science is designed to physically encourage the body to achieve optimal posture and balance. Our products prevent, repair and enhance the body by engaging, changing and encouraging how we sit, stand and sleep.


BackJoy™ Is Easy!

Watch this short video to see how easy BackJoy™ products can help you achieve great posture!