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Mother's Day Health, Beauty & Fitness Gifts

Health, Beauty & Fitness Gift Guide Roundup Over $25 2012

May 8th - My Life on (and off) the Guest List

End Back Pain with BackJoy Posture+

May 4th - Travelers, it’s time to feel the BackJoy and travel without pain

BackJoy is putting the ease in traveling, desk work or being stuck in a never-ending meeting by providing their new Posture+ for when people are required to sit still for long periods of time. 

About.com - Back Pain and Pregnancy

It's not a surprise to most people that your back hurts when pregnant. While there are certainly things that you can do to alleviate back pain, one of the most common suggestions is to have better posture.

April 30th - Fitz's Cool Tools - Fitzness.com

BackJoy Brings Relief to Low Back Pain in an Instant

BackJoy Posture+: Secret Weapon Perfect Posture And Preventing Back Pain

Poor posture plagues us all, especially New Yorkers who are seated most of the day, starting with one the nation's most aggressive commutes.

November 14th - Fairways & Greens Magazine-

BackJoy was included in the online holiday gift guide posted the week of November 14th  

November 3rd - Shape.com-

Jeanine Detz featured Backjoy Core in an article on November 3rd

October 10th - Star Tribune-

Jeff Strickler included BackJoy’s tips on how to improve posture in the features section on Monday, October 10th. 


August 3rd - Golf Resort News-

Anthony Mortimer has reviewed the product and spoke with Bing on August, 3rd.  Anthony’s ran in the October issue.

September 21st - Wall Street Journal (New York, NY)-

Laura Johannes' column ran online and in print on September, 21st. 


TheMetroWest Daily News-

Scott Tharler included BackJoy in his article on “Best gadgets for a road trip.”

August 21st - The Oregonian (Portland, OR) -

Alex Pulaski has reviewed his sample of the BackJoy. He included the BackJoy in a story online and in print on Sunday, August 21st.


August 22nd - DiscoveryNews.com-

Scott Tharler featured BackJoy on DiscoveryNews.com on August, 22nd. 


August 19th - WBZ-AM (CBS; Boston, MA) -

Scott Tharler featured BackJoy on Friday, August 19th.  His segment was with Jordan Rich discussing his favorite gadgets. 


August 21st - Miami Herald-

Judi Dash’s article from Philadelphia Inquirer was picked up in the Miami Herald and ran on Sunday, August 21st online and in print. 


August 22nd - PAX International-

Chantelle Boyal featured BackJoy in their newsletter the week of August, 22nd.

August 12th - Boomer Authority-

Buzz McClain will run a story on BackJoy on Friday, August 12th.


August 6th - Toronto Star (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) -

Liz Fleming featured BackJoy in her “Gearing Up” column. The story ran on Saturday, August 6th.


August - Chiropractic Journal-

Barbara Bigham featured BackJoy in the August issue.

Dr. Bob Martin Show-

Dr. Martin review BackJoy on his show which is a nationally syndicated health talk show and is heard in over 400+ U.S. cities on various radio stations, and worldwide via the internet.

July 24th - Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) -

Judi Dash, the Gadget Guru, featured BackJoy on July 24th.

August 14th - Denver Post

The Column was picked up in the Denver Post on August, 14th. 

iRun -

Kathleen Wilker is interested in reviewing BackJoy for their gear column. 


July 1st - Massage Magazine-

Jennifer Whalen has requested information regarding the BackJoy. She posted her article on Friday, July 1st.


June 29th - KUTV-TV (CBS; Salt Lake City, UT) –

Preston had a live studio interview on Wednesday, June 29th.


June 26th - USA Travel Magazine (News Website) -

Melody Schubert featured BackJoy on June, 26th.

June - Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine-

Amy Goode featured BackJoy in their June issue:


June 23rd - CityLine TV (Toronto, Ontario) -

Chrissie Rejman featured BackJoy in their Health & Family day on June, 23rd.


May 27th - The Body Talk Health Show-

Mimi Stoneburner featured BackJoy for 5 minutes on Friday, May 27th. 


May 26th - Truck Parts & Service (Trucking Trade) -

Lucas Deal, editor, included BackJoy in their newsletter on May 26th, 2011.  


May - Twin & Turbine Magazine -

Dianne White featured BackJoy in the May print issue.


May 23rd - St. Louis Post Dispatch-

Amy Bertrand requested the images and press release for the BackJoy. She included the product on her blog, “Travels with Amy”, on Monday, May 23rd.

May 13 - The National Examiner-

Doug Bardwell featured BackJoy on May 13, 2011.

May 12th - The Doctors -

BackJoy was included in the "Back Into Better Health" segment which will be taped today - March 17th. The segment aired on May 12th, 2011.


May 10th - AOL Health -

Neha Prakash featured BackJoy on That’s Fit on May 10th, 2011 as a giveaway.

April 30th - Michigan Golf Magazine -

Jason Deegan reviewed BackJoy on April 30th, 2011. 


April 30th - The Tampa Tribune (Tampa Bay, FL) -

Kim Franke-Folstad reviewed BackJoy on Saturday, April 30th.


The Birmingham News (Birmingham, AL) - 

Hannah Wolfson included BackJoy in their weekly health product section.

April/May - Senior’s Advocate-

Bob Davis featured BackJoy in the April/May issue.

April 16th - 3 Boys and a Dog (blog)-

Tamera Westhoff featured BackJoy on April, 16th.


April 5th - KCAL-TV (CBS; Los Angeles, CA) –

Bing had an interview on KCAL on April, 5th. 


ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine-

Chris McCann featured the BackJoy release on their website.  Chris is also considering BackJoy for the magazines print “Sneak Peak” section. 


April - Rehab and Therapy Products Review-

Vicki Nuber included BackJoy in the April edition.

March 21st - Rehab Management-

Rogena Silverman included BackJoy in the publications newsletter on March, 21st.

March 11th - Truckers News (trucking trade) -

James Jaillet features BackJoy on March, 11th.


February 3rd - Chiropractic Economics-

Melissa Heyboer posted the release on their website on February, 3rd.  She is also considering the release for their print edition. 

February 16th - St Louis Post Dispatch (St. Louis, MO)-

Harry Jackson Jr, Health & Fitness reporter, feature BackJoy on February, 16th.  The article was also included in the print edition.  SS|PR has ordered a copy and will send it over upon receipt.


February 28th - Los Angeles Business Journal

Joel Russel featured Bing and BackJoy in the Los Angeles Business Journal on February, 28th.