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SitSmart™ Products - Sit Better So You Can Get More Out of Life!

SIT UP STRAIGHT! How many time did you hear those words growing up? Most likely more than you would like to remember, but there’s an important and simple lesson in those words.

Its Only Getting Worse

We all know we are suppose to be sitting better, whether you’re staring at a computer 8 hours a day or you already have lower back pain. The challenge is that very few people can easily sit with correct posture all day long, even if they want to! This is the reason that we created our line of innovative sitting products. BackJoy Makes “Sitting Better” easier, more comfortable and more consistent!

Key Benefits:

•Sit with better posture

•Makes sitting more  comfortable

•Works ANYWHERE – Hard or Soft Seats!

•Completely portable

•Patented design made with durable materials

Sit Better...
So You Can Feel Better! 

Nearly 2.5 million people have already experienced the BackJoy difference and are sitting with better posture, now its your turn to feel the difference, get yours today!

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SitSmart Products SitSmart  Relief Mini SitSmart Relief SitSmart Posture+ Mini SitSmart Posture+
Material Micro Suede Covering Micro Suede Covering Proprietary Foam Resin Proprietary Foam Resin
Color Black Black/Navy 5 Colours 6 Colours
Portable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight Guideline Fits 30 - 55 Kg   Fits 55 - 130 Kg  Fits 30 - 55 Kg Fits 55 - 135 Kg 
Everyday Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Sitting Technology  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applied Postural Science Yes Yes Yes Yes
Improves Posture  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor Use     Yes Yes
Recommended Age Group Kids Size Adults/ Seniors Adults and Seniors Teens and Kids  Adults

Get More Out of Life!

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